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  • Citrullus Watermelon Lipgloss

    All Natural Watermelon Lipgloss (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Fragaria Strawberry Lipgloss

    All Natural Strawberry (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Pyrus Pear Lipgloss

    All Natural Pear Lipgloss (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Sunkiss Orange Lipgloss

    All Natural Orange Lipgloss (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Pink Ribbon Edition

    Pink Ribbon Gift Set (FREE SHIPPING)

  • White Bow Edition

    White bow gift set (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Natural Lipscrub Bundle

    4 Flavors All Natural Lipscrub Bundle (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Citrullus Watermelon Lip Scrub

    All Natural Watermelon Lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Fragaria Strawberry Lipscrub

    All Natural Strawberry Lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Pyrus Pear Lipscrub

    All Natural Pear Lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Sunkiss Orange Lipscrub

    All Natural Orange Lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Sunkiss Orange Lip Kit

    Natural lipgloss and lipscrub bundle (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Pyrus Pear Lip Kit

    Natural Lipgloss and Lipscrub Bundle (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Fragaria Strawberry Lip Kit

    Natural lipgloss and lipscrub bundle (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Citrullus Watermelon Lip Kit

    Watermelon lipgloss and lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Black Cat Berry Lip Kit

    Blackcat berry lipgloss and lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Let Freedom Ring Lip Kit

    Lipgloss and lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Arctic Breeze Lip Kit

    Winter Mint lipgloss and lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Peppermint Patty Lip Kit

    Peppermint lipgloss and lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Pumpkin Spice Lip Kit

    Pumpkin lipgloss and lipscrub (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Natural Lipgloss Bundle

    All 4 original flavors (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Bolero Facial Serum Bundle

    Moisturizing & cleansing facial serums (FREE SHPPING)

  • Facial Serum Bundle

    Vitamin C and Retinol Serum (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Eyelash Enhancer

    Eyelash growth serum (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Facial and Eyelash Serum Bundle

    Facial and eyelash serums (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

    Black cat eye sunglasses (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Vintage Cat Eye Silver Bling Sunglasses

    Black and silver cat eye sunglasses (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Big Silver Hoop Earrings

    5" Silver Hoops (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Medium Silver Hoop Earrings

    4" Silver hoops (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Small Silver Hoop Earrings

    2 1/2" Small Silver Hoops (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Queen Hoop Earrings

    Small Gold Queen hoops (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Nose Ring Hoop

    Diamond studded nose ring hoop (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Diamond Nose Ring

    Diamond stud nose ring (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Ankle Bracelet

    Gold diamond ankle bracelet (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Black MeMe's World of Vibes T-Shirt

    Black and gold logo t-shirt (FREE SHIPPING)

  • White MeMe's World of Vibes T-shirt

    White and pink logo t-shirt (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Ice Master Watch

    Men's ice master watch (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Gino Milano Watch

    Women's Gino Milano Watch (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Light Blue Loofah

    Light blue exfoliating loofah (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Pink Loofah and Sleeping Mask

    Pink loofah and black sleeping mask (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Blue Loofah and Sleeping Mask

    Blue loofah and black sleeping mask (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Purple Loofah

    Purple exfoliaing loofah (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Cedar Wood and Eucalyptus Shave Set

    Shave Cream and After Shave (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Charcoal & Bamboo Shave Set

    Shave cream and after shave (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Men's Charcoal Sunglasses

    Charcoal metallic sunglasses (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Men's Silver Mettalic Sunglasses

    Silver mettalic sunglasses (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Men Black/Mirror Sunglasses

    Men's sunglasses (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Silver Metallic Sunglasses MEDC

    Men's everyday care bundle (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Men's Beard Bundle

    Beard wash and beard balm (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Men's Shave Bundle

    Shave gel and after shave (FREE SHIPPING)