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Charcoal and Bamboo Shave Set

<p>Shave Cream and After Shave</p> <p>This Ultimate Charcoal Skincare Collection provides an enhanced shaving experience with products designed to help protect your face and neck against skin irritation. This set come with a shave cream and after shave lotion. Charcoal &amp; bamboo is perfect for absorbing toxins and bad smells.</p>

Men's Charcoal Sunglasses

<p>Charcoal Metallic Sunglasses</p> <p>These fashion sunglasses are Charcoal Metallic and Black. The lenses are dark and makes the sunglasses perfect for a strong manly look!</p>

Men's Silver Mettalic Sunglasses

<p>Silver Metallic Sunglasses</p> <p>These fashion sunglasses are a gray metallic color. The lenses are dark and makes the sunglasses perfect for a strong manly look!&nbsp;</p>

Silver Metallic Sunglasses MEDC

<p>Men&#39;s Everyday Care Bundle</p> <p>This men&#39;s everyday care bundle contains products for your daily self care. It has silver metallic sunglasses, aloe fresh dermasil lotion, a speed stick cool deodorant, a power stick body spray, a toe nail clipper, a dual port car charger, a pair of earphones with a microphone, a blistex lip balm, and a carmex lip balm.</p>

Men's Beard Bundle

<p>Beard Wash and Beard Balm</p> <p>This Power Stick beard bundle comes with a beard wash and a beard balm. The beard wash cleans and refreshes your beard. It moisturizes dry skin with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. The beard balm controls, smooths and tames those unruly beard hairs. It contains Argan oil and Almond oil. Get that beard right today with this Power Stick beard bundle.</p>

Men's Shave Bundle

<p>Shave Gel and After Shave</p> <p>This Power Stick shave bundle comes with a shave gel and an after shave. The shave gel is a not foam, but a clear formula.It softens and protects your skin while containing Argan oil and Jojoba oil. The after shave reduces razor burn, hydrates and repairs the skin. It contains Aloe and Vitamin E. Get the perfect shave with this Power Stick shave bundle.</p>

Luxury Charcoal and Bamboo Bundle

<p>Charcoal and Bamboo Set</p> <p>This men&#39;s charcoal and bamboo set contains a body wash shampoo and conditioner. The bundle also has a luxurious shave cream with an after shave lotion. Charcoal is one of the top products for removing toxins and impurities from your skin. Bamboo is also a detoxifying product. Since bamboo is an anoxidant it protects your face from bacteria and other harmful particles. Bamboo is also know for diminishing fine lines and wrinkle on the skin. This luxurious men&#39;s bundle will have your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.</p>

Luxury Cedarwood and Eucalyptus Bundle

<p>Cedarwood and Eucalyptus Set</p> <p>This luxurious cedarwood and eucalyptus bundle contains a body wash along with a shampoo and conditioner. The bundle also has a shave cream and after shave lotion. Cedarwood has anti-imflammatory properties. This makes it beneficial for fighting acne as well as reducing it. Eucalyptus is great for creating a protective barrier for the skin. The oil helps to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. Many great luxurious benefits for all men!</p>

2020 Hoodie & Hat Bundle

<p>The year 2020 brought forth a lot of surprises. No one could of envisioned the amount of pain and suffering that took place that would effect the world for a life time. This special edition bundle represents the year MeMe&rsquo;s World of Vibes launched during a time of many great challenges. MeMe&rsquo;s World of Vibes endured hate and discrimination because of its views and beliefs. This brand represents the different tragedies such as the Covid-19 Pandemic. The virus shook the entire world. The death of one of many great athletes and entertainers who died to soon. It represents those who have lost loved ones due to the Covid-19 virus. It represents the 2020 election and the abnormal irregularities that flood the media outlets. Be one of the few that will have this limited edition bundle. Please text us 251-265-3797 .... we have small medium large x-large 2x 3x</p>

Mary Queen of Scots: A Fate of Doom

<p>Historical Fiction E-book written by MeMe</p> <p>Follow the life of Mary, Queen of Scots as she journeys to France for her childhood upbringing, flees her Scottish kingdom to England, where she hopes to receive help or will she have to face her doom? Available in Digital PDF and Digital Flip Book (E-book only) Author: Chameme Rasha</p>

White Cat Eye Sunglasses

<p>White Fashion Sunglasses</p> <p>These white fashion sunglasses are perfect for the summer time! They go well with any look whether it be dressy or casual. A FREE PAIR OF LASHES COMES WITH YOUR PURCHASE!</p>

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

<p>Black Fashion Sunglasses&nbsp;</p> <p>These black cat eye sunglasses are perfect for summer time! These sunglasses go well with any look whether it be dressy or casual. A FREE PAIR OF LASHES COMES WITH YOUR PURCHASE!</p>